A coder, a photographer, cats, Apples and books.

This is the public homepage for a developer. His name is Petri. He lives in Ylöjärvi, right beside his former hometown Tampere. He tests and writes code for his living in a company called Solita. While he has some time of his own he reads, codes, fiddles with photos, plays games or takes some photos of scenery and weather. Petri is very fond of technology and knows what makes the motorcycles tick in the way Phaedrus saw the world.

Petri was born 1970 on the countryside. He moved 1989 to Tampere to study in Tampere University of Technology. A career as Java web-programmer started in 1997 and he finally obtained his Master of Science degree in 2007. Lately he moved to Ylöjärvi where he lives happily with his wife and a cat. He prefers Apple brand and likes to participate in Google's social experiments.

I have been a Java programmer since 1994 in many projects of size 1 - 20 people. I am fluent in server side Java and Web-applications.

I am currently into automated testing of applications, performance and user interface.

I also like to read, enforce and talk security. OWASP top 10 2013

Specialties: I also know my way around with perl, python, xml, unix, FreeBSD, bash, Chef, Vagrant, regexp, jUnit, jBehave, Selenium, html, sql, javascript, coffeescript, D3, jQuery, MongoDB, Postgre, Hibernate, ASP.Net, C#, Tomcat, Apache, linear signal processing, Matlab, image processing and some I forgot to mention :). And I am still able to learn new languages in less than two weeks.

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